Welcome to Illustrator Author

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Hey there, my name is Janet McDonald. Welcome to Illustrator Author! Illustrator Author is the blog spot for anyone with dreams of becoming a writer, or anyone one who just loves to write like me. I am originally from New Orleans. I moved to South Florida when I was five years old. I moved here with my parents and three of my siblings. I was the youngest of my siblings at the time. We moved to Miami because of my dad’s job. My dad was a graphic designer for Brickel. Growing up as a child, most of my time was spent reading books.

My love for reading started when I was young, but as I got older, I began to develop a passion for writing. I still remember the day I received my first book. I was only four years old, and my dad used to read it to me every night, because it was the only way I would go to sleep.

I started this blog so that everyone who loves to read and write like myself can have a blog spot to call home. My passion for reading and writing goes way deeper than just reading and being a good writer. It goes as far as helping others become the best writer. Which is the reason I started the Illustrator Author blog.

I love reading and writing, so blogging about them is like being a baby in a candy shop. Illustrator Author is the blog spot for you if you like to read or if you are an aspiring author.